How overconsumption might save the planet | Andrew Leonard at Salon

Could China's appetite for natural resources force us to green up our world faster than if it were more sedate? Matthew Kahn, an environmental economist at UCLA suggests that it could in a post on his blog Environmental and Urban Economics.

Bottled-water sales begin to dry up | Ylan Q. Mui at SFGate

For the first time in six years, the sales of bottled water had dropped! Sales grew 59% between 2003 and 2008 to $5.1 billion overall, freaking out a lot of environmentalists, but are dropping across the industry- Nestle's bottled water division dropped 2.9% and the overall amount of bottled water chugged down by Americans dipped for the first time in a decade from 8.8 billion gallons to 8.7 billion.

Why Won't Al Gore Talk About Meat? | Mickey Z at Planet Green

Why won't Al Gore talk about the fact that eating meat is a major contributor to global warming? My guess is that he knows that if he did, Rush Limbaugh and the entire gaggle of right wing climate change deniers would spend the next year screaming about how Al Gore hates ranchers.

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Quick hits: Consuming consumers and all we consume
Can over-consumption actually save the planet? Are we finally on the downslope of the bottled water craze? And should Al Gore be talking about meat?