Resole America is a very cool company that specializes in taking your well-loved shoes and refreshing them with new soles. If you have a favorite pair of Birkenstocks (or New Balance, Rockports or a whole bunch of other types) with a tread in need of a repair, you can just send it to Resole America in the mail and get them back with a good-as-new sole in 8-10 days. They've set up relationships with shoes companies and use original factory soles and parts.

Resole America works with the Nike Grind initiative to turn all the old soles and shoe bits left over from their work into new playing sport surfaces like basketball and tennis courts.

If you send your shoes in for a resole or reconditioning to Resole America during the month of May and use the code "kilowatt" in checkout, you'll be automatically entered in a drawing to win a Kilowatt electric bike (worth $2,300).

Disclosure: I'm going to be working with the good folks over at Resole America over the next few months helping them launch their blog.

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Resole your shoes in May, win an e-bike
If you have a good pair of shoes in need of a new sole, visit during the month of May to give them a second life and for a chance to win a Kilowatt e