Colleen Smith is a 6'6" professional volleyball player, blogger and environmentalist who writes about her life as a tall woman in a short person's world at Last month she took delivery of a bike custom built for her by Trek, one of her sponsors.

She wrote:

I’m pretty sure that I am not the average athlete that Trek creates their amazing customized bicycles for. I use my bike to have fun, to take me to and from work and in most recent plans, I am using it to severely reduce my carbon footprint during my Big Green Road Trip scheduled for this summmer.
Swing over to her site to read the entire post.

The Big Green Road Trip Colleen mentions is a trip Colleen is making around the country during volleyball season in which she'll drive a biodiesel-powered car campground to campground, to camp out, riding the final miles from her campsite to the volleyball court on her new custom-built Trek bike.

I also like that Colleen writes about some of the challenges that come with being super-tall. When you're 6 foot 6, it's hard to fit in a lot of places.

I can relate to Colleen on this one. I'm 6'3", which I consider to be the perfect height — I'm tall enough to always have a good view at concerts but I don't slam my head on door jambs and I (just barely) fit in airplane seats. When you're much taller than that, things start to get harder.

Read more about Colleen Smith's Big Green Road Trip.

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Riding while tall: A custom bike story
Professional volleyball player Colleen Smith will be traveling greener during her season with the help of biodiesel, a good tent, and a bike custom built by Tre