UPDATE: The Ady Gil has sunk.

It's getting craaaazy down in the Antarctic.

The Internet was set abuzz this morning with news that Japanese whalers rammed anti-whaling activists from Sea Shepherd aboard the stealth speed boat the Ady Gil. Videos of the encounter have popped up showing pretty clearly that the Japanese made a hard turn right (starboard if you want to get technical) and sliced off the front 10 feet of the Ady Gil. It looked downright scary for the poor suckers on the Ady Gil.

This is the collision from the point of view of another Sea Shepherd ship, the MV Bob Barker.

This could have ended a lot worse than it did — if the whaling ship had steered just a little bit to the right or if an Ady Gil crewmember had been down below deck during the collision, it could have easily turned deadly.

Michael d'Estries over at Ecorazzi has been owning this story all day long. Swing over and read how the Ady Gil is doing, and to see some amazing photos of the crippled boat.

It's ON down in Antarctica. Your move, Sea Shepherd.

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Rumble in the Antarctic: Japanese whalers ram the Ady Gil
A Japanese whaling ship ripped off the front of the Ady Gil, a futuristic speed boat operated by anti-whaling activists from the Sea Shepherd and the whole thin