Earlier today I wrote about trapper who lives out in the middle of nowhere in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, so when I came across a story about bike riding trappers I knew I just had to write it up.

Shaun Deller taught a workshop out in the other Portland (Oregon) on trapping by bicycle in which participants caught nutria, a large invasive rodent that is harvested for its meat and skin. Check out their video:

The trap that Deller uses seems to do its work quickly, at least in the case of the nutria they caught that day. Fast is good (maybe I should say better); slow and lingering is bad.

Via Homegrown Evolution

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Running a trap line by bike
Portlander (the West Coast kind) Shaun Deller taught a workshop on running an urban trap line by bike and shares some of the finer point of nutria trapping in t