Indonesian man and boy offer prayers for victims of volcano disaster in Sidoarjo

Photo: M. Andika/AFP/Getty Images

Remembering victims of the world's largest mud volcano eruption

A young boy and his grandfather rest on dried volcanic mud on Aug. 7 while reciting prayers and offering flowers to family members killed by the devastating May 2006 eruption of Lusi, a massive mud volcano in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia.

The mud volcano, the largest in the world, was triggered by a blowout from a nearby gas drilling operation. The resulting mudflow buried 13 Javan villages, killing 12 people and displacing nearly 50,000 residents.

Although levees were installed in 2008 to contain the flooding, mud continues to flow to this day and future breakouts remain a constant concern.

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Say a prayer for mud volcano victims
The devastating 2006 eruption of Lusi, a massive mud volcano in East Java, claimed 12 lives and displaced 50,000 people.