There's never a dull eon when Mother Nature and Father Time get together. Erosion carves canyons and whittles down mountains, while tectonic plates push up new peaks and rip apart continents. Throw in the odd asteroid or supervolcano, and this power couple's parties can easily get out of hand.

Yet despite the dangers posed by geologic change, it's usually too slow or spaced-out to threaten the majority of humans. Aside from occasional catastrophes like landslides, eruptions and earthquakes, we are rarely required to notice the evidence of long-term upheaval all around us.

Some places, however, are so beautifully sculpted they command our attention without force, compelling us to consider how and why they ended up looking like that. Those landscapes are the stars of "Shaped By Time," an epic time-lapse video by Spanish filmmaker Enrique Pacheco.

"'Shaped by Time' is a time-lapse film that explores the power of nature through the erosion of the different landscapes," Pacheco writes on Vimeo. "During thousands of years, the wind, the eruptions, the rain, the frost and the water of the rivers have shaped [these] wonderful landscapes, going beyond the natural and becoming artwork of monumental proportions."

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