On Monday I started sharing some of my favorite posts that I've written over the past year here at MNN. Today I'll pick up where I left off.

In April I wrote about a plan to turn human waste, aka poop, into energy to drive the buses of Oslo, Norway.

Neon lamp fighting, beside being pure insanity, can't be healthy — there's mercury in them thar bulbs! Speaking of serious health effects, at the end of April, we found out that the "green" ammo the Army used to replace lead bullets could be causing cancer.

It's now officially impossible to "get away from it all" — Mt. Everest has cell phone service.

With tongue planted firm in cheek, I introduced Earth Minute, the quicker, easier way to show you "care" about the environment.

With a leftover pizza box, some tin foil, and a little bit of time, you can build your own solar oven.


Project Kaisei is a bold attempt to filter out and collect the sea of plastic that's polluting the ocean that I wrote about in May. The air got a little cleaner that month after the U.S. Capitol Power Plant announced that they would stop burning coal to heat and cool the offices of our nation's Congressional leaders.

Want to register a .tv domain name? Do it quick, because according to GoDaddy, Tuvalu, the country behind .tv, is sinking.

I set off a small but furious green Twitter storm with my list of 10 green Twitters you should follow and the follow up great green Twitter follow parade.

What's better than a cool new pair of shoes? A greener cool new pair of shoes.

Going. Going. The Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia is gone.

It was an epic struggle for the times: Will Ferrell vs. the wild, who laughed first?

The GOP has said some dumb things, but when they talk about the environment it gets really stupid.

Compressed air could be powering the cars of tomorrow.

Why aren't we keeping score when it comes to living a greener life?

And finally, for today, there's a big difference between green and greener: do you know what it is?

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Shea's year in review part deux
Here are some more of my favorites from 2009. Crazy neon lamp fighting, cell phone service on Everest, and does GoDaddy really think Tuvalu is sinking under the