Yes! Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

The question being, should TerraCycle partner with tobacco butts? TerraCycle's Tom Szaky took to the pages of Treehugger yesterday to ask if his company should work with a tobacco company to turn cigarette butts into new eco-friendly products. They've been approached by a tobacco company and Tom's wondering if working with them is somehow different than any of the other companies they work with. He's also looking for ideas what the the butts can be turned into after they're collected.

I hate cigarette butts with a passion. They're ugly, long lasting, and they pack a powerful toxic punch. Right now there is no mechanism in place, beyond an individual smoker's sense of propriety, to keep cigarette butts from being tossed out the window or to the curb. If TerraCycle can somehow find a way to make a profitable product out of the used butts and  — dare we dream ... take it to the next step by offering a cash bounty on the collection of the butts! — then we could all see the benefits of cleaner streets and parks.

So please, TerraCycle, figure something out. Save us from the butts.

What do you think?

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Should TerraCycle tackle cigarette butts?
Terracycle is known for turning trash into treasure and is looking for feedback on a potential plan to upcycle used cigarette butts. What do you think?