Editor's note: Beloved writer Terry Pratchett has died at age 66. The sad news reminded us of this happier moment when the Discworld author was celebrating a special honor in his own creative way.

English fantasy writer Terry Pratchett is totally awesome. After the best-selling novelist (65 million books sold worldwide) was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, he made his own sword to go along with his other knightly accoutrements.

Not satisfied with just having a blacksmith make a custom piece, Pratchett went out into a field and dug up raw iron ore which he smelt into steel using a homemade kiln powered by sheep poop in his backyard, according to News.com.au. For an extra shot of magic, he threw in a few pieces of meterorite.

Pratchett left the final metal work to a blacksmith, who forged it into a blade fit for a knight. Sadly he has to keep his sword in a secret location because strict British knife laws make no distinction for knights' swords, and he fears it might be confiscated.

In 2007, Pratchett announced that he has early-onset Alzheimer's disease and is currently filming a documentary about his life for the BBC.

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Sir Terry Pratchett forges a sword with a meteorite
English fantasy writer Sir Terry Pratchett smelt his own iron ore to create his knightly sword.