Happy Tuesday!

I'm back from a two-week blogging vacay and have a huge list of great links piling up in my browser that I need to offload.

Here are a bunch of great stories you should read:

BPA is declared toxic in Canada. The toxic chemical compound, aka bisphenol A, has been declared toxic, giving regulators wide discretion to ban BPA in specific products.

Rancho Margot in Costa Rica just might be the best place on the planet. I visited the eco-resort in May and didn't want to leave.

Oops, a pot raid at a school turned up nothing more than tomatoes. Police in Española are red in the face after their raid of a Montessori School greenhouse went sour when they found tomatoes growing where they suspected pot.

Buy this book. My friend Brian Clark Howard wrote a great book about greener lighting that should be on your bookshelf.

The world is drying up. Huge parts of the world are literally drying up; the soil is drying out and turning into desert.

Google is investing in massive 350-mile wind power transmission line. The project will cost $5 billion and will allow for future offshore wind farms to connect along the East Coast of the United States.

Our power grid is too dumb to knock out. It turns out that one of the benefits of having an antiquated power grid is that it's really hard to take down large sections of it.

• Did you know that Porsche made a hybrid car way back in 1899?

• The sluggish economy means more people are repairing things rather than buying new versions. Did you know you can resole your shoes for much cheaper than buying new?

• And finally, do yourself a favor and click over to this epic battle between a large spider and a centipede. I'm glad these two are tiny.

I'm in Burlington for the next two days attending Ben & Jerry's Fairtrade Blogger Fest. I'll post an update and pictures of me eating too much ice cream in the days to come. Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Start o' the week links: Costa Rica, spiders and a drying world
Soil is drying up all over the world, Google is dropping big bucks building a wind power transmission line, and a spider and centipede battle it out.