We made it through another week. Here are a few stories to help you ease into the weekend.

From Treehugger :> I bet this is an issue you've never thought of- lead wheel weights, found on nearly all American tires, are a huge source of lead contamination. The weights are used to balance the wheel, 3.5 million pounds of it fall to the road. A new movement is forming to get the EPA to ban lead wheel weights.

From Alternet :> Milwaukee is considering selling the rights to their water supply to a corporation for the next 99 years. Baaaad move. Corporations should not control water.

From the Barf Blog :> The Canadian Plastic Industry Association (CPIA) says that we shouldn't use reusable bags because they are a health risk. The CPIA represents companies that make less money when people use more reusable bags, so why should we care what they have to say about this?

From Yes Magazine :> Belo Horizonte is a city in Brazil that has, more or less, eliminated hunger within its city borders. In the process they have created a booming market for local farmers and created sustainable growth and prosperity.

From MNN :> We have as many miles of usable railroad tracks now as we did in 1881. What was life like back in 1881, 128 freakin' years ago? 

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