Pro surfer Garrett McNamara is famous in surfing circles as the guy who rode a 90-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, (and lived to tell about it). His insane ride was captured on video by a helicopter crew and can be seen here in all its glory.

McNamara is back and ready to break his own record, but this time he'll have the help of a special suit developed by Camelback (the water bag company) that comes with a small "oxygen pocket" that will give him a few minutes of breathing time should he get pinned underwater by a wave. When you ride waves the size of the ones ridden by McNamara, a fall can bring tons of punishing water down on a surfer and pin him to the sea floor. Even just a few minutes of air could mean the difference between life and death after a fall.

McNamara has his plans all lined up, right down to the military-grade swell-monitoring equipment he's using as well as the private jet that's on standby to wisk him away to Portugal should conditions prove favorable for ridable 100-foot waves.

(Via TMZ)

Also check out Shane Dorian's inflatable wetsuit, which helps pinned surfers quickly rise to the surface when the ripcord is pulled and a CO2 cartridge is released into a bladder.

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Surfer ready to surf 120-foot waves with new Aquaman suit
Professional surfer Garrett McNamara hopes to conquer a 120-foot wave with the help of a special wetsuit that will give him a few minutes of extra airtime in ca