The village of Tragoess (or Tragöß), Austria is home to Green Lake (or Grüner See), a small lake with a hugely variable water level. In the winter the lake is no more than 3-6 feet deep while in the spring melting glacial waters can push those levels north of 30 feet.

Underwater path at the Green Lake

An underwater path. (Photo: TauchSport Steininger)

The land around the lake has been landscaped for these extreme water levels with benches and trails built for enjoyment during the low-water winter months. When the warmer weather brings higher water levels, many of those trails, benches, trees, boulders, and lawn get swallowed up by the icy crystal-clear water.

Trees swallowed by a lake

Trees swallowed by the lake. (Photo: Roman Königshofer)

This has attracted divers who enjoy swimming around the frozen-in-time landscape and taking in the long, clear views.

Underwater bridge

An underwater bridge. (Photo: TauchSport_Steininger)

This video gives a good look of what a dive in the Green Lake is like.

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Take a swim through the Austrian park that's covered by a lake half the year
The water level of Austria's Green Lake can fluctuate by thirty feet over the course of a year and has become a new hotspot for scuba divers.