Take advantage of winter sunsets with these 7 photo guides

November 9, 2015, 10:36 a.m.

We are entering the season when sunrises and sunsets become more spectacular than usual. Last year we explained why it happens. Now that you know the season is starting, are you ready to photograph these beautiful twice-daily spectacles of color? Here are seven photography tips and guides that will help you make the most of photographing beautiful scenes at the beginning and end of each day.

Add more drama to your nature photos with this simple tip: Hint - use backlighting from a rising or setting sun to your advantage.

How to photograph stunning silhouettes: A walk-through on using a colorful winter sky as a backdrop for a gorgeous silhouette shot.

How to photograph water to get that soft misty effect: It's easiest to get this effect in low light, so it's a great trick to know when photographing rivers, beaches and other water sources during sunrise and sunset.

7 tips for taking better photos in low light: Just before sunrise and just after sunset are prime times for photographing wildlife. Take advantage of those few moments of twilight by learning how to shoot in low light.

Use the power of less in a landscape photograph: There's already so much going on with a spectacular sky. Learn how to capture just the bare essentials to create a powerful photo.

5 tips for better snow photography: Winter offers not just gorgeous skies but also sparkling snow. Learn how to capture the beauty of snow in your landscapes.

10 ways to amp up your sunset and sunrise photography: And finally, use this list of tips as a checklist for strategies to make the most of your sunrise and sunset photography.