This is entirely too cool -- The Dark Side of Planet Earth, a mash up of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with the BBC's Planet Earth. Go full screen for complete awesomocity.

The Dark Side of Planet Earth was a video from allan corbett on Vimeo. (Note: Unfortunately, the video that was linked above has been pulled over copyright, so we had to remove the link to it. Sorry if you missed it.) 

I remember sitting in a dark dormroom back in my college days watching the Dark Side of Oz (Dark Side with the Wizard of Oz) and being blown away by the synchronicity. There's some pretty good sync-ups with Dark Side of Planet Earth. I love when the polar bears come out. Pass the nachos.

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The Dark Side of Planet Earth
Have you ever watched the BBC's Planet Earth? Have you ever watched the BBC's Planet Earth ... on the Dark Side!?