Days are getting shorter and colder as fall creeps across the Northern Hemisphere, a transition that's captured beautifully in a new time-lapse video by photographer Kevin Saurin. Set to brooding, ethereal strings and piano, Saurin's film also includes another natural phenomenon that has recently shifted into high gear: aurora season.

While auroras can occur year-round, the best viewing times are typically in fall and spring. Norway is a global hotspot for aurora hunters, and Saurin uses these surreal spectacles as a fitting conclusion for his portrayal of Norway's fading summer.

"I was pretty lucky to see the northern lights so far down in Norway at this time of the year," Saurin writes on Vimeo. "It doesn't happen so often but I'm looking forward to more shots during the winter season!"

Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

'The Fall' kicks off autumn, aurora season
Fall is known for dwindling daylight, crisp air and colorful leaves, but it's also the start of aurora season. A new time-lapse video captures the beauty of bot