Will It Blend is a brilliant (albeit wasteful) marketing campaign by blender manufacturer Blendtec. They have tossed in everything from avocados and granulated sugar (to make powdered sugar) to a bag of marbles, baseballs, golf clubs and even an iPhone. The videos have generated hundreds of millions of views for the company and I'm sure has helped them sell a lot of blenders.

But I cringe every time I see Tom Dickson, the Will It Blend man, blend something electronic. Here he is blending up an iPad:

Gadgets like the iPhone and iPad are filled with a lot of nasty toxic stuff. Though Tom does his best to keep the blender away from his face after he blends, I can't imagine that he's able to get away without inhaling at least some of the toxic dust that puffs out of the blender.

I'll stick to blending strawberry milkshakes and breakfast smoothies.

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The iPad: Will It Blend?
Watch Tom Dickson of Blendtec demonstrates the power of his blender by tossing a new iPad in and pushing 'blend'.