The Sierra Club is awesome.

They're trying to help South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford find the Appalachian Trail.

If you don't bust out laughing or at least crack a good smile, you either have a lousy sense of humor or totally missed out on news of Mr. Sanford's recent weeklong disappearance. One of the first reasons given for his absence was that he was off on the AT hiking to recover from a contentious political battle over stimulus money. It turns out that he was actually in South America visiting his girlfriend (he's very much married).

The Sierra Club took a fun poke at Mr. Sanford by asking people to join their new online community, Sierra Club Trails, and to help share photos of the Appalachian Trail so he could find it.

Well played Sierra Club, well played.

Click over if you want to help Mark Sanford find the AT.

(For the record, I could give two craps about what politicians do between the sheets. I just don't appreciate when they are holy roller hypocrites about it -- Mark Sanford raised quite a ruckus when Bill Clinton couldn't figure out what the meaning of 'is' is.)

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The Sierra Club helps Mark Sanford find the AT
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford ended up a few thousand miles away from the Appalachian Trail. The Sierra Club wants to help him find it.