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Tentsile village

The Tentsile tree tent is the brainchild of treehouse architect and inventor Alex Shirley-Smith, who wanted to bridge the gap between tents and tree houses. After years of testing and prototyping designs, Shirley-Smith brought his first model, the Stingray, to the market just last month.

The Stingray requires three points of support and can be set up at any height off the ground. It's accessible close to the ground through a traditional door while higher placements require users to enter and exit with a rope ladder through a cleverly designed triangular hole in the floor. There is enough sleeping room for three campers.

Tentsile with rope ladder hanging down

I like that this greatly reduces the ground impact of a camping trip while getting campers up above any possible rain-induced sogginess. There's nothing like waking up in the middle of the night of camping to realize that there is a small stream running under your tent.

Looking up through the opening of a tentsile tent

The Stingray is not cheap at $1,350 retail, but high-end ground tents can easily run in the $700-800 range, so at most you're looking at a ~$500 premium for getting off the ground. Expensive, but not unattainable.

Check out this video showing the Stingray in action.

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The Tentsile takes camping to a whole new (vertical) level
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