You should click over to Natural Papa, the blog of my friend Derek Markham, and read his recollections of his time spent living in very small space. He lived, with his wife, small child, and two cats, in a 120 square-foot camper for almost six years.

That's equal to 10 feet by 12 feet. Smaaaall.

They augmented their space with a small tipi and pyramid-shaped wooden storage shed, but on the whole it was extreme small-space living.

I love small-space living. Small homes, tipis and yurts are the coolest thing this side of Knight Rider. I spent a few months living full time in a tipi here in Maine and hope to someday buy a Tumbleweed Tiny House.

Derek wrote a really detailed story about how they lived with the limitations of small space; click over and give it a read, it's really good stuff.

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The upside of living small
How does a family of three (and two cats) get by living in space smaller than a lot of people's walk-in closets?