This beautiful rain forest creek will put you in a Zen mood

June 13, 2014, 1 p.m.
rainforest creek

Rain forest creek in the upland rain forest near Chenapau, Guyana

Photographer Andrew Snyder visited the Upper Potaro River on the Kaieteur Plateau during an expedition with the World Wildlife Fund-Guianas and Global Wildlife Conservation. He writes, "I conduct the reptile and amphibian surveys for their recently established Biodiversity Assessment Team whose goal it is to document the biodiversity in poorly studied and threatened ecosystems. For this image, I spent many nights surveying along this small creek in search of frogs, and wanted to make sure to come back during the day to capture how nice it looked. The moss covering many of the rocks also reminded me of Central American cloud forests where I used to do conduct research, so this location had an additional nostalgic feel to it."

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