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Cruise ships continue to dock in Haiti. Some are appalled at the apparent lack of compassion but others defend it as a much needed economic boost to the area. What do you think?

Vote for Barbie to be an environmentalist!

• The FDA is thinking about putting tougher warnings on tanning beds after studies found that tanning bulbs emit dangerously high levels of carcinogenic UV light.

• Karl Burkart deflates the psuedo controversy surrounding the IPCC's Himalayan glacier goof-up.

• MNN's Jim Motavalli talks to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

• Check out MNN's wide array of photo galleries.

• The PowerLoo is a fully flushable backyard canine toilet for people sick of their dog's poop.

• Seems like a pretty good deal: make a microloan, get some chocolate.

• Red grouper make intricate and complex homes, earning them the nickname of architects of the ocean floor.

• My buddy Dave Connell writes about the e-waste implications of a battle between Apple and Google.

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Thursday links: Groupers, cruise ships in Haiti, and doggie toilets
Are cruise ships landing in Haiti a help to the devastated nation or a slap in the face? Will Barbie's next job be as an environmentalist? And is tanning killin