Great news! Some plastics in the ocean are breaking down much faster than we thought they would.

Bad news! The plastics are breaking down and contaminating the oceans with toxic chemicals.

Chemist Katsuhiko Saido of Nihon University in Japan found that plastics are degrading quickly in the ocean and that detectable levels of chemicals like BPA and styrene trimmer can be attributed to the leeching plastic. There's a LOT of plastic in the ocean. This is not a good thing.

Our seas are awash in a ticking time bomb of shrink wrap, cheap toys made in China, and water bottles. It's hard to see a happy ending for this story.

Read the whole story over at Wired Science

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Ticking time bomb: Plastics in the ocean
Scientists have discovered the downside to plastics breaking down faster in the ocean- the toxic chemicals they leave behind.