It took more than a year, but time-lapse photography wunderkind Dustin Farrell has finally issued a new video in his acclaimed "Landscapes" series. Check it out above, and as Farrell advises on Vimeo, "Please view full screen with HD on and volume loud if possible."

The Arizona filmmaker last graced this blog in 2011 with "Landscapes, Volume 2" (see below), which drifts through dramatic U.S. Southwestern scenery as the universe churns overheard. He covers a little more territory this time — jumping around from deserts to waterfalls to icy, aurora-lit beaches — but like its predecessors, "Landscapes, Volume 3" is a moving tribute to the beauty of nature, even when nature is barely moving.

While he doesn't rule out the possibility of a "Landscapes, Volume 4," Farrell does make it sound like he's ready to wrap up the series as a trilogy. On the bright side, though, he also reassures his fans on Vimeo that they haven't seen the last of him:

"'Landscapes: Volume 3' is the final volume in this series (at least for a while). I hope you have enjoyed my work on this series over the last three years. It has been an amazing ride full of amazing experiences. I plan to continue shooting landscapes timelapses but putting together videos of this magnitude will be difficult to continue on a regular basis."
If you haven't seen the previous two volumes of "Landscapes," here they are:

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Time-lapse video: 'Landscapes, Volume 3'
A renowned time-lapse photographer releases his third — and possibly final — installment in a popular series of fast-paced nature videos.