What's your favorite national park?  The National Park Service recently released a list of the Top 10 most visited national parks in 2012.  No surprises here - the sites on this list have remained the same for at least the last decade, with each park jockeying up and down on the list due to weather events or other seasonal changes.  But other than a few fluctuations up and down, this list has remained unchanged.

Speaking of weather, Hurricane Sandy had a major impact on parks last year with at least 70 sites from Maine to North Carolina reporting damage.  Still, the park service in general reported seeing more than 283 million visitors last year, up 3 million from the year before.

So how many of these Top 10 parks have you visited?  And which parks would be on your Top 10 list?

1.       Great Smoky Mountains National Park                 9,685,829

2.       Grand Canyon National Park                               4,421,352

3.       Yosemite National Park                                       3,853,404

4.       Yellowstone National Park                                  3,447,729

5.       Rocky Mountain National Park                            3,229,617

6.       Zion National Park                                             2,973,607

7.       Olympic National Park                                       2,824,908

8.       Grand Teton National Park                                 2,705,256

9.       Acadia National Park                                         2,431,052

10.   Cuyahoga Valley National Park                            2,299,722

Top 10 most visited national parks
The National Park Service released its list of the Top 10 most visited parks in 2012. Did your favorite make the cut?