Randy Goodman thought the first shot to the deers chest and the second to the back of the head did the job. He was out on the second day of the hunting season in Sedalia, Missouri and was happy to have downed a large buck after only a few hours of waiting in his stand.

He walked up to the deers still body after the second shot, only to be knocked to the ground with an antler to the face when it suddenly sprang up from the ground. The deer ran him over and bounded off another 30 yards where it fell down again.

Randy ultimately finished it off with two shots and had to call his son and brother for help. He received seven staples to his head, bruises to his arm and chest, and suffered a mild concussion.

The deer made out even worse, its antlers are being mounted on Randy's wall and its body was processed into steaks.

Link [Sedalia Democrat]

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Tough deer does not go down easy, runs over hunter
Hunter Randy Goodman found himself on the wrong end of a pair of deer antlers.