Happy Tuesday! Here's some good greener videos for your viewing pleasure.

A giant lake 200 feet deep and seven miles long has sprung up in Pakistan after heavy rains caused a massive landslide to bury a valley and block a river. Several villages have been flooded and the transportation of goods and people made all the more difficult.

Via Al Jazeera English

Elipso, a French packaging company, is taking the drive to cut down on wasteful packaging personally and created this ad in response to an ad urging viewers to cut down on wasteful packaging.

Here's the anti-wasteful packaging ad first:

Here's the ad Elipso made in response:

I gotta say, Elipso's ad is pretty funny. I think they're grossly overstating the intent of the anti-wasteful packaging lobby-- the idea isn't to live in a world where people carry their meat out on their arm but rather to find a way to have our packaging cake and eat it too- we need compostable packaging that keeps our food fresh but that's free of fossil fuels and harmful chemicals.

Via The Huffington Post

In reaction to the sad news that the Cooper's Hill cheese rolling race has been cancelled due to over-capacity crowds, I'd like to pay tribute with this awesome video of the crazy event.

The WWF put this really well done commercial together in Brazil.

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Tuesday at the greener videoplex
Would you run down a mountain for some cheese? Does money really make the world go round? And hey, where did that lake come from?