Happy Tuesday!

Here are some great stories for your second day o' the work week.

• Flash mob pillow fight organizers might be charged the $35,000 it cost to clean up after a big fight in San Francisco.

• Speaking of flash mobs, wannabe farmers are experimenting with the format to help small farms get their work done.

• Check out surfers riding the waves under the Golden Gate bridge.

• An arrest warrant for Ronald Reagan's grandson Cameron has been issued after he skipped a court date for a possession of marijuana charge.

• A large aquarium in the Dubai Mall sprung a leak, forcing the partial evacuation of the facility.

• Ever wonder what an exploding face mask of bananas looks like? Yeah, me too- like this.

• Cool rich guy, environmentalist, and all around adventurer David De Rothschild and his crew have completed work on Plastiki, the ship that de Rothschild will use to sail 11,000 miles from San Francisco to Sydney to highlight the problem of plastic pollution.

How has the price of putting up a wind farm changed year to year?

• Is Dow Chemical trying to play it both ways when it comes to climate change?

Van Jones is back!

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Tuesday links: Reagan busted, Van Jones is back
Pillow flash mobs might get a hefty clean up bill while farmer flash mobs help small farms clean up, Dubai springs a leak, and Plastiki is done!