When I was growing up as a kid I could easily keep myself occupied for an entire weekend as long as I had some cardboard boxes, duct tape, and a good serrated steak knife to cut through the cardboard. I built full-sized forts, entire suits of armor (with accompanying weaponry), bases for my GI Joes, and hundreds of other forms and structures out of leftover moving and grocery boxes. It was a fantastic way to play that really forced me to get creative with my designs.

Australian company MakeDo is trying to capture that spirit of play with their MakeDo Kit for One, a collection of connectors and attachments that mimic the functionality of the rolls of duct tape I plowed through as a kid.

Here's a quick video explaining how they work:

how to makedo - extended version from MAKEDO on Vimeo.

I love it. I'm getting a set for my girls.

You can pick up a Make Do Kit for One for $25, a Kit for Three runs $50 or you can buy both for $75. Shipping is currently free for all kits.

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Via Springwise

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Turn your trash into toys with MakeDo
MakeDo is a very cool new toy that allows kids of all ages to turn cardboard boxes, tubes, plastic cups and other recyclables into fantastic creations and contr