After frequently noticing bees in his apartment, Redditor underdog106 went investigating. When he poked his head up into his attic, he found this massive beehive.

Beehive in the attic

Photo: Underdog106/Imgur

While he was waiting for a beekeeper to come, the hive fell through his bathroom ceiling. Thankfully, no one was using the bathroom at the time. That would have stung.

Beehive fell into bathroom

Photo: Underdog106/Imgur

The photo at the top of this post shows some of the aftermath. Check out underdog106's photo album to see more.

After the beekeeper took away all the bees that he could capture, the mess had to be left for 36 hours so that any remaining bees could gorge up on honey before heading off to find new hives to join.

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Unbeelievable: Giant hive falls through man's bathroom ceiling
One Redditor was really lucky not to be using the bathroom when a large beehive fell through his bathroom ceiling.