Sprint sent me the Samsung Restore this week (I reviewed their phone, the Reclaim, last year) to try it out. I took some photos of the unboxing. Check 'em out. 

The outside of the box screams green — it's literally green-colored on the sides with a natural tan top and bottom. The graphics are simple and understated and printed with soy ink. The paperstock "contains 70% Post Consumer Paper".

The inner box slides out of the top.

And there she is.

The full package — phone, charger, MicroSD adapter card, return recycling mailer, and a couple small thin booklets, including warranty, user manual, and whatnot.

The phone.

The backside. It comes with a 2 megapixel camera.

The phone sides sideways to reveal a full keyboard.

I think the Sprint greener cell phone logo (a cell phone growing out of a plant) is kind of creepy. It would be pretty cool if we could harvest, instead of buy, our cell phones, but then I suspect we'd just be handing our money over to Monsanto instead of Sprint. :D

I'll have a full review up in the weeks to come.

Full disclosure: Sprint sent me a cell phone to review for free.

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Unboxing the Samsung Restore
I'm reviewing Sprint's new greener phone, the Samsung Restore. Here are some photos of the unboxing.