Visual learners: If long articles about nuclear energy and radiation make your eyes glaze over — despite the fact that you really want to learn about this important issue — here’s a roundup of maps, charts and graphs to help you understand in just a few words and a lot of pictures.

Radiation exposure and the body: Don’t quite understand what radiation is and what it does? This graphic, put together by Geary Interactive, should help. (Look to the left of the page and zoom in.)

Effects of radiation exposure: National Post put together this chart that shows the amount of different types of radiation exposure — from the amount in a routine mammogram to maximum radiation levels recorded at Fukushima to lethal doses. (via GOOD)

Commercial nuclear reactors in the U.S.: MNN’s Andrew Schenkel collected maps of nuclear power reactors and non-power nuclear reactors in the U.S. — alongside a map that shows which regions of the U.S. are most seismically active.

Interactive maps of worldwide nuclear power: At Climate Central, see how many nuclear reactors each country has and what percentage of energy each country draws from nuclear power. Plus, you’ll find out how many nuclear reactors each country is building, has planned or has proposed.

Visualize nuclear power and radiation
These maps, graphs and charts will answer your questions about radiation exposure and nuclear energy.