Vladimir Putin lives a pretty sweet life. The Russian prime minister spends a lot of time touring around his massive country pulling off publicity stunts staged to make him look tough and heroic. He dabbles a lot in the '"man vs. nature" genre — he's shot a Siberian tiger with a tranquilizer dart, ridden bare-chested on a horse, captured a polar bear alive to fit it with a tracking collar, and even flew in a tanker plane dropping water on a Russian wildfire.

Now he can add "shoot an endangered whale with a crossbow" to his resume.

Recently Putin was photographed while perched on the front of rubber dingy chasing down a gray whale with a specially made crossbow built to collect skin samples for scientific study. It took him four tries, but he nailed the shot on his last pull. Afterwards he mugged for the cameras and threw out lines like "Living in general is dangerous" and when asked why he went along for the shoot he said, "Because I like it. I love the nature."

Not a bad line of work. If you can get it.

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Vladimir Putin shoots a whale
The Russian Prime Minister, a master of rugged self promotion, helped scientists collect a skin sample from an endangered grey whale. With a crossbow.