This video comes with a high dose of stomach churn. Earlier last month, New York City was hit with heavy rains that caused an overflow of sewage in at least one location in the city. Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal was smothered by a fast-moving, foul-smelling river of sludgy overflow. Watch it here:

The Gowanus has been designated a federal Superfund site and is scheduled for a half billion dollar cleanup over the next 10 to 15 years. The canal is just the latest victim of New York City's crumbling sewage system, which regularly overflows into the surrounding waters.

According to the New York Times Green Blog, the city is planning more green structures in its sewage systems — structures that slow and naturally absorb rain water before it hits the overwhelmed sewage lines.


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Watch: A canal overflows (with sewage) in Brooklyn
A gushing river of sewage recently overwhelmed Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal, covering it with a foul-smelling coat of brown.