This is almost too crazy to believe.

Dick de Bruin lost his waterproof camera while scuba diving in Aruba. Six months later his camera washed up on a beach in Florida, a thousand miles away, and was found by US Coast Guard officer Paul Shultz. Shultz changed the battery in the camera and found de Bruin's photos and this remarkable video.

de Bruin's camera somehow got hooked onto a passing sea turtle's shell. In the course of being jostled around by the turtle, the camera was flipped on and filmed until the battery died. It's not clear how long it actually rode on the turtle, de Bruin's camera was designed to float and probably rode currents for most of the way from Aruba to Florida. The full video is 20 minutes, after five minutes the camera pops free and films the sky so it' s likely that it was a short turtle ride.

After discovering the videos and photos, Shultz posted the turtle video on YouTube with details on how he found the camera. Amazingly word reached de Bruin (I love the internet) who corresponded with Shultz and ended up getting his camera back, along with one hell of a story.

The Telegraaf (in Dutch, here's a translation) via Treehugger

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Watch: A movie made by a sea turtle
Dick de Bruin's waterproof camera slipped away from him while he was diving in Aruba. Six months later it was found 1,000 miles way in Florida by Paul Shultz wh