When a wildfire starting raging across farmer Eric Howard's hay field in Weld County, Colorado, he didn't jump in his truck and head for safer ground — instead he started up his tractor and sped towards the smoke and flames. He flew across the fields dragging a cutting machine and raced the flames to carve out a firebreak that would stop the fire from spreading.

As he worked, a news helicopter was hovering above, filming it all. Here is that amazing video:

Frustratingly, the video cuts off before we can see how successful he was, though CBS Denver is reporting that his actions kept the fire from spreading further.

Epic day on the farm.

Read more about wildfire here on MNN:

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Watch: Farmer races to save his crop from creeping wildfire
Check out the mad dash of this heroic farmer carving out a firebreak with his tractor to stave off a spreading wildfire.