Paul Nicklen calls the time he spent being taught hunting by a leopard seal in the chilly waters of Antarctica "the most incredible experience I've ever had as a National Geographic photographer." While photographing the giant sea predator, he was adopted by a large female leopard sea who spent four days trying to teach him to hunt penguins. At first the seal would bring him live healthy penguins. After he failed to catch them, she brought weakened penguins, then dead penguins before finally ripping apart a penguin in a last ditch effort to show the photographer how to eat.

Watch this, it's pretty amazing:

It's fascinating behavior. You might think that the last thing a predator wants to have around is competition, but maybe sometimes the desire to have a buddy to play with overrules that. Having easy to catch penguins around probably makes it easier to invite a new mouth into the local scene.

Animals are awesome.

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Watch: Leopard seal teaches photogapher how to hunt
National Geographer photographer Paul Nicklen caught some amazing behavior on camera when a leopard seal tried to show him how to catch penguins.