You're a lion. You live in a zoo. Your days are spent laying out in the sun, playing with your lion friends, ignoring tourists, and eating the easy meat the zookeepers toss in at mealtime. All in all, it's not a bad life. Not very exciting, but easy.

So one day you're sitting there in your enclosure, chilling out, when you see a little bouncy thing leap into your moat. It doesn't take long for millennia of natural instinct to kick in and for you to remember that you really, really like to catch and eat little bouncy things. Off to the races.

That was the day some lions had yesterday in Washington's National Zoo. A baby deer, believed to be a natural resident of the park surrounding the zoo, jumped into the lion enclosure. It managed to elude the lions for a while and even escaping after being pinned down by one, but was eventually euthanized by zoo officials after it was found that its injuries ruled out survival in the wild.

Here's a quick clip showing the little deer escaping one of the lions by sprinting away into the moat.

Poor little guy.

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Watch: Little deer jumps into lion pit
A small deer jumped the fence into the lion enclosure at the National Zoo. I wish I could say it ended well.