Stu Barwick is an entrepreneur that hopes to plant 1 million trees by 2015.  His company, Treety, sells socks in exchange for the promise of planting 10 trees per pair.  

"By selling socks we hope to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2015. Every pair we sell is a small deed that means a lot to the people suffering the most. Trees are sustainable, economical and life giving. Amazing things come from the smallest seeds," said Barwick on his company site.  

Recently, Barwick broke down his passion for trees in Seuss-style with his presentation, "Oh the Places They'll Grow!" at Ignite Boulder.  Warning: The language gets a PG-rating around the 2:35 mark. It's not bad, but you might want to preview it before showing it to the kiddos.

Check it out:

Watch: Oh the Places They'll Grow!
Entrepreneur delivers Seuss-style presentation on the importance of trees to our planet.