Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ned Bruha, the Skunk Whisperer.

Teresa Vick was out delivering newspapers when she first noticed the skunk outside a community center in Bixby, Okla. It just so happens that Bixby is home of the Ned "The Skunk Whisperer" Bruha, who came and rescued the poor little stinker.

I love how he gave his interview with the skunk circling around in the background. Life can be funny; I'm glad it worked out for the skunk in the end.

UPDATE: Ned Bruha wrote (in comments below) that the interview was done while they were waiting to recieve special permission to help the skunk. Oklahoma state law prohibits him from removing the jar from its head and then allowing it to walk away. Check out Ned's site The Skunk Whisperer to read more.

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Watch: The Skunk Whisperer
Oklahoma skunks know who to call in a pinch: Ned Bruha has made a name for himself saving the potentially pungent animals from things like peanut butter jars.