Glenn Taylor, Dave Hall, and Dylan Taylor — three Boy Scout leaders from Utah — are facing possible felony charges after a video turned up of them destroying a rock formation (known as a "goblin") hundreds of millions of years old in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park. The three seemingly sealed their fates by filming their actions and then sharing it on social media.

Here's the trio in action:

Goblin Valley State Park officials say that the rock formation destroyed dates back to the Jurassic period nearly 200 million years ago. Glenn Taylor, the man who pushed over the formation, said that they did it because they were afraid the rock would fall and hurt a child.

Riiight. The formation stood strong for 200 million years and all of a sudden it's in danger of falling over and hurting a kid? Color me skeptical.

Thankfully they shot video of themselves as they toppled the rock. I'm not a huge fan of our nation's criminal justice system, but I do hope these guys get tossed in federal lockup for a long time.

Via Salt Lake Tribune

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I thought the Boy Scouts were supposed to respect nature? Not these 3, who gleefully destroy a 200-million-year-old rock formation.