The ice of a skating pond at Colorado's Keystone Resort proved no match for a 7,000 pound Zamboni. As skaters watched on and cheered the mammoth machine crashed through the ice and settled in the water nose up. Total Pro Sports reports that the damages will be repairable.

Here's a funny video of another Zamboni taking a bad fall on its arse.

And in this video it's not the Zamboni that's broken but seemingly the driver.

These guys went and made their own homemade Zamboni. Sadly for us, though fortunately for them, they didn't fall through the ice or otherwise hilariously screw up. Stlll though- totally awesome. I heart homemade DIY.

This Zamboni ran over a rookie defenseman and dragged his blood all over the ice.

Kidding, it's transmission fluid.

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Watch: Zamboni plunges through skate pond
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