Here are a few good wilderness and resoruces stories I found around the net. I'm going take a moment tomorrow to be thankful that I have plently of fresh water to drink, don't live in Darfur and that I'm not a tuna fish.

UNESCO Map of fresh water availability

A Pirate Map for Future Water Wars

We can live for more than a month without food. We die within a day or two of not drinking water. With a shrinking supply of clean fresh water and a growing population, it makes sense that water will increasingly be an important resource and likely catalyst for armed conflict in the years to come. UNESCO put together a great map showing where the good stuff is.

African Deforestation

Darfur: Trees Fall as Brick Houses Rise

As if things weren't bad enough, Darfur is quickly being denuded of trees as desperate refugees cut down the woods to burn or sell.

Two tuna swimming in the ocean

The (Tuna) Tragedy of the Commons

It's simple; we are destroying the native population of tuna. America and Europe are tag teaming both white and blue tuna, overfishing and targeting vital spawning areas. Their catches have been falling every year and there's little evidence of the political will to do what's needed to save them- a total ban on fishing tuna.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble gobble.

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Wednesday wilderness and resources link dump
Tuna are in danger, Darfur's forests are being cut down, and UNESCO maps out fresh water hot spots.