It's Friday again!

I asked some of my pals around the green blogosphere if they had any great links to share with you all. Here's some good stories to help you take out the week.

Micheal d'Estries of Ecorazzi

From Ecorazzi: "With Woody Harrelson recently shutting down his long-running green website, we thought we might profile 10 other celebrity-fueled eco-sites that are still humming right along."

Jaymi Heimbuch of Treehugger

From Treehugger: "Tigers are vanishing and we're at fault, but though the situation is dire there's no reason we can't also celebrate how gorgeous, majestic, and even cute they are — check out these grrrrreat photos."

Danielle Brigida of National Wildlife Federation

From NWF: "It's easy to love butterflies, but by attracting the "tigers and barracudas of the insect world" to your garden, you're reducing the pests that eat your plants and increasing biodiversity! It's a win — win."

Katherine Butler of Ecosalon and MNN

From Greenopia: "For once, Hollywood is destroying more than far-off, blue Alien planets: preservationists rally to save the land around the Hollywood sign from luxury developments."

Chris Baskind of MoreMinimal

From Hyperlocavore: "Hyperlocavore is a cool community that hooks up people who want to grow their own food — but don't have the room —with a yard-sharing friend."

Jeffrey Davis of Fun Times Guide to Living Green

From The Fun Times Guide to Living Green: "These snarky cartoons add some much-needed humor to the not-so-funny environmental and humanitarian evils being perpetrated by Monsanto."

Michael Graham Richard of Treehugger

From Treehugger: "Y'Know the flying dragons in Avatar? Here's a tiny real-life version photographed in Indonesia".

Chris Tackett of Treehugger

From Treehugger: "With so much misinformation being passed around about climate change science, it's important to take a step back and remember that even if all the science was in fact flawed (it's not, far from it) we would still need to make drastic changes to our energy, transportation and food systems in order to ensure a prosperous & sustainable future. This post helps remind us of that."

Shea Gunther (that's me!) of right here

From Telegraph (UK): "This is truly scary news — great white sharks could be even more endangered than the already scarce tiger."

Have a great weekend!

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Weekend links: Green blogger's edition
Saving the Hollywood sign, finding the best greener celebrity websites, making fun of Monsanto, and tracking endangered sharks and tigers.