Some enterprising owners of a parasailing business in Russia came up with a brilliant marketing idea — or so they thought — to promote their business. They attached a donkey to one of their parasails and pulled it aloft. The poor donkey was pulled around for a good half hour before being lowered down into the water and dragged out.

Here's the video. It does look it would be pretty frightening from a donkey's point of view.

The official spokesman for the local directorate of the Interior Ministry told reporters, "They gave this donkey a parachute ride in order to attract holidaymakers' attention to this sort of entertainment. The parasailing donkey brayed and the children cried, but no one was smart enough to inform the police about the incident."

The police are launching a probe into the matter and could charge the men who flew around the donkey with crimes that could net them up to two years in prison.

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Weekend weird: A donkey takes flight in Russia
The owners of a Russian parasailing business lifted a donkey into the skies over a beach to drum up business. They could end up spending the next couple of year