So much for my warm and fuzzy posts about possible bipartisan support for an incremental approach to crafting energy policy on Capitol Hill. The Congressional Western Caucus, which is made up of conservative senators and representatives from Western states, is taking a few shots at the Obama administration.

The group recently unveiled its new report entitled “The War on Western Jobs Report.” The report takes direct aim at the administration. Almost all of the group’s grievances deal with energy and land use.

In a release that accompanied the report’s announcement, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who co-chairs the Congressional Western Caucus said, “Instead of making it easier for Western businesses and communities to create new jobs, this administration enforced an anti-business, anti-multiple use agenda that only makes the situation worse. The findings of our report detail how this administration’s policies are suffocating Western economies, killing jobs and severely weakening America’s energy security.”

Barrasso, who is rising in the ranks of the Republican Party, also sits on both the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources committee and the Environment & Public Works committee. His comments are likely to be the continued approach for those opposing the Obama administration’s plans for an energy policy overhaul in the coming months. Below is a list of 10 ways the Congressional Western Caucus says the Obama administration is taking aim at jobs in the Western part of the nation.

  1. Taxing energy use 
  2. Federalizing all surface water within the 50 states and territories
  3. Restricting access to America’s vast reserves of affordable, American oil and natural gas
  4. Imposing “one size fits all” mandates on Western communities
  5. Putting a priority on protecting species over American jobs
  6. Blocking a multiple-use policy in U.S. national forests
  7. Over-regulating coal
  8. Seizing additional private Western lands and placing them under control of the federal government
  9. Requiring new federal permitting requirements into new areas of the Western economy
  10. Stopping domestic mining in favor of the importation of foreign minerals
Western anger aimed at Obama
A group of westerns Senators and Representatives outline their grievances with the President. Most of the anger is about energy policy.