I was featured in a nice piece over at Treehugger about what green blogger dads want for Father's Day. Here's what I said:

"I like to keep it simple on Father's Day and always tell my children that the best present they can give me is one that they make themselves. I like getting sculptures of pigs made from little pieces of scrap wood and beautifully chaotic collages from old magazines. I tell my daughters to make me handmade cards instead of buying ones from the store and that little animals made from old egg cartons make me a glad dad."
Treehugger also talked to my pals Chris Baskind, Michael d'Estries, Derek Markham as well as No Impact Man Colin Beavan and Grist's Chip Giller.

What about you? Are you going to try to green up your father's Father's Day? What will the dad in your life be getting this Sunday?

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What green blogger dads want for Father's Day
Father's Day is coming up, read about what 10 different green blogger dads would like to get for the holiday.