Redditor Locolukas and his girlfriend were sick of their lawn. They live in Oakland, Calif., and they got tired of looking at the small patch of grass sitting in front of their house.

So they spent every weekend for a few months building this beautiful urban garden.

The garden is in!

Then they posted about it on Reddit and gave it the name "Operation F@$& the lawn." Although I edited their title just a bit (we try to keep things family friendly around here at MNN) I fully appreciate the sentiment behind their R-rated naming. Lawns suck.

Don't get me wrong — I like a nice patch of grass to run around on as much as the next guy, but we've gone a bit overboard on lawns. The modern lawn sucks down inorganic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, creates clouds of emissions from mowers, and don't really do much of anything even after they've been doused and trimmed. What can you really do on a 15x20 patch of grass? Not a whole lot.

But throw in a well-designed garden in that same small lot and bam! You're buried in veggies. You can get a surprising amount of food from a very small garden.

Locolukas, known as Luke in real life, is a talented photographer and nicely chronicled the project with his camera. Swing over to his Imgur gallery to see all 36 images (F-bomb alert), but here are a few teasers to catch your interest.

Start of the garden

It begins!

Compost in

Luke got compost from the city. The compost was created from municipal organic waste.

Garden is in with boxes and compost and mulch

Garden is in!

Carrots growing in the garden

Free veggies from the garden

The Free Veggies box makes for happy neighbors.

View of the garden from the roof

The view from the roof.

Check out Locolukas's full Imgur gallery of the project.

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