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10 great escapes

By: MNN Admin on Oct. 12, 2010, 4:39 p.m.
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Famous fictional escapes

Lost: Oceanic flight 815 crashed onto our TV screens in the fall of 2004 and became an instant pop culture phenomenon. The castaways — including a surgeon, a con man, a pregnant woman, a rock star and dozens of “others” — spent six seasons stranded on a mysterious, mythical island. The characters escaped the island a couple of times. First they escaped by helicopter (and then by raft after the helicopter ran out of fuel) only to return to the island. A few of the castaways escaped in the series’ finale, this time using a plane that had landed on the island. Despite their escapes, many of the castaways (and the audience) never managed to answer all the questions posed by the island.

Gilligan’s Island: After 15 years stranded on an uncharted desert isle, the seven castaways finally escape by lashing their huts together to create a makeshift raft. The U.S. Coast Guard spots smoke coming from the raft (Gilligan left a fire unattended while cooking fish) and tows the castaways to Hawaii. The group reunites for a Christmas cruise on the S.S. Minnow II, but they get lost in a storm because Gilligan breaks the compass. The group ends up shipwrecked again … on the same island.

Castaway: A violent storm causes Chuck Noland’s plane to crash into the ocean and he washes up on an island, where he lives for four years until he constructs a raft. Noland sets sail to escape the island, but a storm destroys his raft and sweeps his only friend, a volleyball named Wilson, out to sea. Overwhelmed by grief, he gives up any hope of rescue but is soon found by a passing cargo ship.

Pinocchio: When Pinocchio learns that Geppetto has been swallowed by a giant whale named Monstro, he immediately jumps into the ocean where he, too, is eaten by the whale. Upon being reunited with Gepetto in the whale’s stomach, Pinocchio devises a plan to burn wood, which makes Monstro sneeze and frees them from his belly.